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Moratti and Thohir

Wednesday, 3 July 2013  |  Nerazzurri World Guest Writer

By Marco Succi


Moratti ponders his futureA ninth place finish accompanying a handful of head scratching moves has left Massimo Moratti - as the head figure of the club - to shoulder the blame by the ever so forgetting Interisti. With the rise of a potential investor, many seem to be seeing hope shine through as Erick Thohir is practically begging to become the sole owner of FC Internazionale Milano. A massive Indonesian fanbase, coupled with the rumored 50-75 million dollars he’s willing to invest in talent would win over any potential fan.

 Although it hasn’t been long, his minority partnerships in the Philadelphia 76ers and the D.C. United soccer teams have yet to pay dividends. Both teams finished last in last place of their respective divisions. This isn’t an indictment on his part, however it is with his time management. As a baseball fan, I saw how money affected the Red Sox in the free agent market in the past two years after owner John Henry bought Liverpool and Roush Fenway Racing. The dedication was no longer there. It was like a high-schooler just went to the next cute blonde who just walked down the hallway. Will Inter get boring to Thohir after time? Is this just something to put in his trophy case? Perhaps I’m being too harsh, because he does bring added value to the table. Would his presence make Inter more marketable in the eastern hemisphere?

Thohir Absolutely it would. Would it give Inter a great amount of money to spend in the calcio mercato? Again, another yes on that. However, do these two advantages guarantee success in Serie A, and the rest of Europe? That is where the problem lies. We saw it happen to Inter in 2011, and with Milan in 2012. The money is not continuous, and owners aren’t willing to keep it flowing like years past over time. Thohir will invest a massive amount now, but what will it be like 2020? Sure it will be like 2010 all over again, where they made massive plays in the transfer market and paid staggering amounts of wages. But Inter cannot be shortsighted again. This past season was a disappointment, and hopefully a lesson to Inter.

 A majority of the Italian national teams calciatori were once a part of an Italian youth system, brought up or bought by the bigger teams.  This is what Inter needs to do.  Not necessarily homegrown Italians, but a youth system they can fall back and that will work. This is why Inter is in its dilemma as we speak. A core of Balotelli, Destro, Coutinho, Ranocchia, and Donati would have been something to build on, while bringing in other pieces elsewhere. But now, all except Ranocchia, are scattered throughout major football squads in Europe and playing very well. Inter needs an advisor, such as a football mentor (Matterazzi or Zanetti once he retires, for example) to overshadow the tough decisions between transfers and our youth system. Perhaps a small investment from Thohir would be welcomed to aid Inter in the short-term, but Moratti can be our answer. He loves Inter just as much as the next tifoso, and I wouldn’t want to see a champion Inter without him.

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